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When can I retire?

Compound interest is powerful but takes a long time. To retire in 5 or 10 years the most important number is not your return on investment. It's your savings rate. Learn more.
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This calculator makes assumptions
  • Your current annual expenses equal your annual expenses in retirement
  • You will never draw down the principal. Your net worth will never shrink.
  • Current annual income is after taxes
  • Annual return on investment is after taxes and inflation
Years to retirement
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*Avg Household Savings Rates (2008) Sources: OECD, IMF
Savings rate

You can retire in  12.4 years with a savings rate of  60% annual expenses  20,000 annual savings  30,000 monthly expenses  1,667 monthly savings  2,500

When your annual return on investments cover 100% of your expenses you are financially independent.
The above table will likely show you need to work slightly longer because your withdrawal rate should be less than your return on investments.